Scottish Girls and Their Black Tights & Short Skirts

Scottish Girl and Her Black Tights

Hey it’s cold in Scotland for much of the year. I get that having experienced it firsthand. So you don’t see any bare legs especially during the winter months. Well, there is an exception to that among some travellers—moronic young men who insist on wearing shorts even when it’s snowing typically coupled with a Man Bun. The only thing dumber than a Man Bun is some old fart like me with a pony tail. Girls and women in Scotland and Ireland wear black tights to keep their legs warm—often paired with short skirts and boots. I like the look—you don’t see many skirts and dresses in the USA anymore.

Scottish Girl and Her Black Tights & Short Skirt

In the States it’s mostly ripped jeans and t-shirts with profanities emblazoned on them. I spent six years in the Marine Corps so I can handle profanity but it doesn’t mean that I like to see it on display publicly—but then it goes with the trash mouth many young women seem proud to project these days. Yeah, I know I’m an old fart but I find women attractive because they’re feminine (and different from me) and not because they can be as lewd & crude as most young guys. Just me—I’m old-fashioned when it comes to public decorum. I understand you have the right ladies but just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Scottish Girl and Her Black Tights, Short Skirt & Boots

Scottish girls and their black tights, short skirts and boots remind me of the 1960s—a complicated time but in many ways a more innocent time. Shortly after my wife and I got married in 1968, at 20 and 19 respectively, I bought her a smoking hot outfit. Keep in mind she was almost 5’11” in her bare feet, had long blond hair hanging straight to her butt, a peaches & cream complexion and dazzling blue eyes. I bought her a powder blue micro miniskirt, white tights, a white high collared English lace blouse, Go-Go boots and topped it all off with a Bonnie & Clyde cream coloured beret. She got the looks.

Scottish Girl and Her Black Tights, Short Skirt & Boots

I must admit I’ve always had an eye (and appreciation) for beautiful women—now I’m old and harmless but I can still look. And I do. The look of black tights, short skirts and boots appeals to me much more than ripped jeans and profanity laced t-shirts. In addition to reminding me of the 1960s it also reminds me of the look you might see in the Pacific Northwest—up around Seattle, WA. To each his own I guess but this heterosexual male likes seeing women in more feminine garb. Call me sexist if you like but I’m not changing anytime soon. Scottish girls keep doing what you’re doing and guys lose the shorts and Man Buns.

Stephen F. Dennstedt


7 responses to “Scottish Girls and Their Black Tights & Short Skirts

  1. I agree with you. I’m a woman myself, but I like the way they dressed during cold season. It is actually the same here in Swiss, I even adapt it! Shorts or skirts with black tights on and a pair of boots. For me, it’s “chick” as what they named it in French. Meaning, classy… 😍😍😍

    • Yes, very classy. We can use a little more class and sophistication in the world today. Manners, civility and class are all in short supply lately. Thanks for taking the time to comment. πŸ™‚

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