Waiting to be Discovered, a Social Media Solution?

Although I don’t work my “business” like I used to this is still a good and viable plan (it works). These days I’m concentrating more on my photography, writing and travelling and less on marketing myself . . . marketing and self-promotion (though successful) takes a lot of time and effort. Typically 20% of your time will be spent in the creative effort and 80% of your time will be in promoting that effort. Given my age, priorities and circumstances I’ve chosen to reverse that division of labour. I prefer to spend 80% of my time producing creative content and only 20% promoting it. Less revenue but more time for me and what gives me satisfaction. SFD

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Monterrico Sunset WEB2

Indochine Photography

This is my longest post ever (by far) on Expat Journal.  It is dedicated to all of my friends out there in the Indie-world, those creative souls trying to make their mark.  Agents, galleries and publishers want nothing to do with you until you’ve made it, and then they’re more than willing to take your money.  There are many ways to market yourself and sell your creative products.  Social media is just one way to get your name and talent recognized, but probably not in the way you think.  Am I making a killing as an Indie-photographer? Not really.  Do I sell my stuff on a fairly regular basis while traveling the world full-time?  Yep, I do.  I spent fifty-years in the corporate world, the last thirty as a bank Vice President and Branch Manger. After all those years I’ve developed a pretty good head for business and…

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2 responses to “Waiting to be Discovered, a Social Media Solution?

  1. All the social media properties out there can seem overwhelming, especially if you lose sight of your goal (“The ultimate goal here is to generate sales, not likes on your Facebook page(s)”). Fantastic tips, Stephen — thank you for sharing them.

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