The Best Brummie Breakfast in Birmingham

Sina Zamany

The best Brummie breakfast in Birmingham can be found at Grand Central Kitchen. Breakfast is my favourite meal and I know when it’s done right and when it’s done not so right. I am also a stickler for service: I want to be made to feel welcome, I want good food at a fair price and I want it to be served quickly and still hot. I want value. Before I retired in 2011 I spent fifty years as a corporate animal—I spent thirty of those years helping small and medium-sized businesses as a banking professional (Vice President-Branch Manager). My last position was at the largest bank in the USA: JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Grand Central Kitchen (Exterior)

I look at every business I patronise through the critical eyes of a former banker (I can’t seem to help myself). The very first time we stepped into Grand Central Kitchen the owner, Sina Zamany, greeted us with a huge smile and friendly welcome. It wasn’t a put-up pretence, it radiated absolute sincerity—Sina seemed genuinely pleased to see us in his restaurant and its been that way every single morning since. And it’s not only us—everyone who enters gets the same friendly treatment, local Brummie (a native resident of Birmingham) or not. It’s obvious that Sina knows his business and his clientage.

Grand Central Kitchen (Interior)

The service is quick and professional and always friendly. Sina is originally from Persia (Iran) but has lived in the United Kingdom since 2002. He told me that he opened Grand Central Kitchen two years ago and employs thirteen people (most are behind the scenes)—that would help to explain the extraordinarily quick delivery of our food and fresh ground coffee every morning. The food is excellent and he also serves lunch and dinner items. You can choose to eat indoors or order takeaway. Either way it’s all good. Prices are very reasonable (especially by Birmingham standards) and you will be happy.


7 Stephenson Place

Birmingham B2 4BL

Phone 0121-633-3883

Whether you live in Birmingham or are just visiting you owe it to yourself to stop in for a great meal (at a more than fair price) and outstanding service. It’s conveniently located just opposite the New Street Station (rail station) and Grand Central Shopping Centre in City Centre Birmingham, England. Most of the time I only give our dining experiences brief mention on my blog and Facebook (because oftentimes they’re forgettable) but I do on occasion single out a noteworthy business for praise and special consideration. Grand Central Kitchen is one of those businesses. Well done Sina.

Stephen F. Dennstedt

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