Facing the Grim Reaper and Your Mortality

I originally posted this over two years ago and I still agree with its basic premise. I think it’s one of my better articles though maybe a little on the morbid side. Anyway, I think it’s more positive than negative.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge


Coming face-to-face with your mortality. Looking the Grim Reaper in the eye. Mano a mano. A friend of mine, from my days in banking, recently had his own close encounter with Mr. Reaper and emerged victorious. I’m not talking about your first experience with death, but rather your first experience with the possibility of your own death. If you’ve not experienced it yet you will. We all do.

I’ve known death from an early age. The loss of my grandfather when I was five, the death of my childhood sweetheart (from polio) at age six, the death of assorted aunts and uncles (and another grandfather) while growing up in the 1950s. And I had my own close calls with Mr. Reaper early on: a leukaemia scare at age four, rattlesnake bites at ages eight and ten that left me in critical condition for a while.

When you’re a kid death…

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2 responses to “Facing the Grim Reaper and Your Mortality

  1. Fantastic post — not in the least bit grim. In fact, from my own “holy crap, you have a brain tumor!” experience I can confirm that the occasional whiff of mortality can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Also loved your musing that maybe Mr. Reaper is in fact a friend with really bad taste in wardrobe. We’ll find out! But hopefully not too soon …

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