Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Growing up in San Diego, California the Muppet Brothers rarely saw it snowing. We visited the local mountains a time or two as kids but the snow had already fallen. Later in life I enjoyed skiing at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain ski resorts in Big Bear, California and Brian Head ski resort in Utah—there it snowed.

Later when I bought my country home in the small town of Ramona (San Diego East County) I gained some altitude: 436 meters or 1,430 feet. I lived there for about fifteen years enjoying the country life and it snowed a few times—maybe four times in fifteen years. But it always melted soon after hitting the ground.

It was always a delight and my dogs loved it—two German Shepherds and two Labrador Retrievers frolicking in the soft white flakes slowly drifting to the ground. They were both enchanted and mesmerized by it. My friends on the East Coast and in the Midwest can’t imagine the joy Southern Californians can find in falling snow. I’ve often likened it to being inside of a snow globe—magical. Since leaving the USA in early 2012 Joel and I have experienced snowfall quite a few times. And it’s still a joy.

Historic City Centre – Brasov, Romania

But that’s due in large part to the fact that we don’t have to go to work in it. We’re both retired now and have no schedules or commitments to keep—no driving, no shopping and no need to be outside and miserable. Yep—retirement is GREAT. Right now we’re in the small Bulgarian city of Shumen for two weeks. Shumen is not a tourist destination, it’s just an authentic Bulgarian town with authentic Bulgarian people getting on with their authentic Bulgarian daily lives. It’s cold today with a high daytime temperature of -2°C/29°F and a low nighttime temperature of -8°C/18°F—and SNOW. The Muppet Brothers are loving it.

Field Notes: There are no real tourist sites in Shumen so we don’t feel guilty about spending most of our time in our warm, cozy and inexpensive hotel room. We have large windows looking out over an equally large balcony and we can watch the snow coming down to our heart’s content. We venture outside twice a day for breakfast and dinner watching our steps carefully on the icy sidewalks—this would not be the time to break a bone. Thursday’s forecast calls for a high/low temperature of 1°C/34°F and -2°C/28°F with snow all day and all night. Shake the globe and—let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. SFD


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