Impressive: I Have Almost Reached Level 72

Change a single word and experience a paradigm shift. Replace the word age with the word level and a perceived negative becomes a perceived positive. Everything revolves around your point of view—change your point of view and your life can change dramatically in unexpected ways. Eight years ago I lost everything materialistically speaking (job, wife, house, cars and savings) but I chose to see it as liberation. Freedom to live my life in a new and more meaningful way—in losing everything I gained the world. I now trek Planet Earth full-time (with just my rucksack and Pelican camera case) as a photographer and writer.

Age is often equated with loss where level is more often thought of as attainment. Two words describing the same reality but one is a negative while the other is a positive. This coming May 18th I will have attained life-level 72 which will be an achievement: more experience, more satisfaction and hopefully more wisdom. Think of your life in terms of levels achieved and not in years and abilities lost and it will change in very real ways. In my case loss became freedom. Aging doesn’t have to be a curse it can be a blessing—a blessing hard-won and worth celebrating. To change your life change your point of view.

Stephen F. Dennstedt – Photographer, Writer and World Traveler


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