Old Men Just Wanna Be Left Alone

Is it too much to ask? Old men just wanna be left alone. I will admit the older I get the more hermit-like I become. People and society at large often annoy me. That’s one reason full-time world travel is so good for the Muppet Brothers—depending on where we’re at any given moment we don’t always understand the language (so things we overhear don’t piss us off) and we’re usually off to another destination before things become too irritating. Neither one of us could live in the USA again because we understand everything we see and hear and it just makes us angry. Leave us to our coffee, bourbon (Scotch or beer) and cigars.

Field Notes: This post is mostly tongue-in-check but contains a fair amount of empirical wisdom—as old guys (dinosaurs really) the Muppet Brothers have much less tolerance for the stupid antics and drama of others. We read about dysfunctional American politics, ascendant ignorance, racism and bigotry and we just want to lash out. The countries we visit while traveling around the world aren’t perfect either but we are much less invested in them physically, emotionally and psychologically. I don’t like confrontation or fighting anymore (if I ever did) but I will if pushed—Joel says I remind him of Robert Duval (Lonesome Dove). SFD

Stephen F. Dennstedt

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