We Arrived in Gevgelija, North Macedonia

Stephen F. Dennstedt

A short bus ride from Thessaloniki, Greece brought us to the small border town of Gevgelija, North Macedonia. With a population of only 15,000 Gevgelija is quaint and CHEAP. Emphasis on CHEAP—expensive.

Prices have immediately dropped by half: lodging is $11 USD pp per night, tonights dinner totaled $6 USD pp including two large beers each, and our taxi was only $1 USD from the bus terminal to our hotel. I think we’ve found Nirvana.

Our bus trip was only 1½-hours and our border crossing was easy and uncomplicated. The folks in North Macedonia seem to be friendly, the food and beer is good, and the prices suit us to a tee. We will spend ten nights in this small border town and a total of three months in North Macedonia. Things might change of course but first impressions are EXCELLENT. Anytime we can cut our traveling expenses in half is a good time. We will be out & about first thing tomorrow morning to explore this little town further but so far things are looking really good. Hopefully I will have some pictures for you soon. Currency: 55 Denar = $1 USD.

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