The Price Is Right and so Much More

Stephen F. Dennstedt

North Macedonia is a godsend for the budget traveler. We lost an hour crossing into North Macedonia from Greece but gained a fortune. Well, maybe not a fortune but certainly a big savings on our overall expenses. Food is just one such savings.

English can be problematic at times but we manage to get our point across. Our breakfast this morning came to a total of 360 MKD or about $3.25 USD pp: 3 egg omelette, fresh tomatoes & cucumbers, bread, and double espresso Americano café.

The weather has also improved in our favor—for instance today’s high temperature will be 24°C/76°F with a very slight chance of rain later in the afternoon. The forecast for the next week predicts high daytime temperatures in the 27°C/80°F range. This is only day two but already we’ve found the prices, people, food, drink, and weather to our liking. We will be in Gevgelija for a total of ten days before moving on and in North Macedonia for three months. Gevgelija is our kind of town: small, quaint, friendly, inexpensive, and authentic. I think our three-month stay in North Macedonia will pass quickly and pleasantly.

6 responses to “The Price Is Right and so Much More

  1. Enjoy North Macedonia, it’s a wonderfull country, affordable prices… laid back. My favo place in Macedonia is Bitola… tourist free area:). Cheers Stef

  2. We only just arrived in North Macedonia but first impressions are very positive. We’re old, introverts, and don’t really favor tourist sights per se. North Macedonia is friendly, authentic, and CHEAP (at least compared to Greece it’s about half the cost). Young people who like to party, lay on the beaches, and soak up the sun might prefer the islands of Greece. 🙂

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