Per my recent post regarding Steve, I shall not be actively continuing his blog.

However, I’m retelling our adventure in a monthly Newsletter using only Steve’s great photographs.

This is September’s Newsletter, if you want to check it out.


You are most welcome to subscribe here:


I do hope you will join us.


4 responses to “NEWSLETTER SAMPLE

  1. Greetings, I recently spent a few days in El Calafate and discovered the Laguna Nimez Municipal preserve. Magnificent place!

    I was chased about by a harrier and was curious to know what kind it was. So I sid a Google search and cane across Steve’s blog. What an inspirational collection of photographic experiences!

    This particular photo struck home with me because that was exactly how I saw the harrier…. Flying at my head multiple times over a 2 block section of the trail….

    Up until that time I naively, had not thought photographing birds was seriously hazardous!! ( Silly me!)

    Anyway, I researched on and saw brother Joel’s explaination of Steve’s recent health history and was moved to write this message. I took care of my significant other for 12 years as he transitiooned from being a brilliant, vibrant aerospace engineer to not being able to talk or move on his own. It was a trial of sorts, and Carl felt many of the same feelings I am sure Steve has experienced. To lose one’s sight, especially as a visual artist is a true punch to the gut. I do hope however Steve will be heartened by knowing his marvelous photos and information remain as inspirations to those of us trying to capture wild life in all its elegance and power.
    I also hope he will find a new path to envigorate him. Best wishes especially as we enter this new year!

    • Hello Judy,
      This is Stephen’s brother, Joel. What a lovely message, and one I will certainly share with Steve. Thank you so much.
      It is also an incredible coincidence of timing. I have been recounting our adventures from the beginning, both in a monthly Newsletter and now again on a site called Medium. I will give the links below, in case you’re interested. But the coincidence is: the February 04th Newsletter will be about El Calafate, as that is the next destination to be covered in the Newsletter. The Medium site has more photographs and a better format, but that revisiting has got us only as far as Guatemala at this point. In any case, although Steve is completely bedridden, his sight has improved enough to watch our big-screen TV, sadly not enough to revisit his photography. But he is certainly mentally alert enough to appreciate your lovely words, for which I thank you no end. He tends to think he’s been forgotten, and sudden messages like this really make his day. Part of the reason I keep his blog open, although we don’t update it anymore.
      FYI: The link for the Newsletter:
      And the link to Medium:
      Hope to see you there!

      • Hi Joel!
        I just found your response to my email! It is rather circuitous how things work on the internet these days… like a treasure hunt sometimes or just simply you stumble across them when running down a totally different rabbit hole! Lol!
        Glad my message got to you and Steve. Traveling is tough enough when everything works right, I know it is even more of a challenge when extra care and arrangements are required. Hopefully Guatemala is working out for you both. So glad to hear Steve’s vision has improved enough for him to see the big TV screen!
        I’ll look for the El Calafate piece you mentioned! It will remain a very special place for me. 😀
        Best wishes in 2023!

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