A Budget Traveler’s Nirvana

Stephen F. Dennstedt

North Macedonia is a real treat for the budget traveler. We arrived in Bitola yesterday afternoon at about 1 p.m. and checked into our small hotel. It’s a big room with a luxurious walk-in shower complete with a waterfall ceiling shower head—wow.

The room has a double bed and a twin bed, air-conditioning, free in-room coffee, free in-room wifi, and access to a courtesy washing machine. The hotel is also centrally located to everything—all this for only $14 USD pp per night—WOW!

We had a tasty breakfast just a few yards from our hotel this morning—and, again, it was very inexpensive. For only $1.79 USD pp we got three fried eggs, a mound of lean bacon, bread, and water. For an additional $1.06 USD pp we got two robust Espresso Amercano CatΓ©s. Our entire breakfast bill, for two people, came to a whopping $5.71 USD. On the whole North Macedonia is less than half the price of Greece its immediate neighbor to the south. I’ve included some photos from our one-week stay in Gevgelija and will have some photo of Bitola soon. The good news? We still have over two months in North Macedonia.

6 responses to “A Budget Traveler’s Nirvana

  1. $14 a night?! Wow, Stephen β€” what a discovery! But tell me, how did you and Joel decide who gets the double bed? πŸ™‚

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